1 in 5 Small Businesses Has Already Suffered a Data Breach.

Deploy BIZLock™ Merchant Protection from IFI and Increase Your Value, Protection and Revenue.

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PCI Compliance is Not Enough. Each week, thousands upon thousands of payment card and related sensitive records are lost and stolen. While engaging efforts to be PCI compliant is appropriate and mandatory for merchants, it is not enough to safeguard operations, financials or customers. There is more that can be done. There is a better way to increase value and revenue while better protecting merchants AND the ISO/MSP.

Increase Merchant Protection and ISO Revenue

It is not business as usual. With competitive and regulatory pressures, you must constantly do more to stay in business. By engaging BIZLock Merchant Protection, you are able to do more and make more.


PCI Data Breach Insurance

Make a smart and simple move to protect merchants, the ISO/MSP and consumers. Identity Fraud Insurance Services provides the product and platform needed to deliver credible insurance solutions and claims services for any size merchant base.


Protection Upgrades

PCI Compliance is not enough to safeguard merchants. Optimize and maximize merchant protection from identity crimes with IFI’s SB Core Protector, a combination of the “Top 10” data theft risk management solutions for SMBs.

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